Food styling is an art of arranging food to make them look appealing, tasty, & fresh, and photographing them, to make them look extra gorgeous! Chef Varun Inamdar specializes in glamourizing food photographs in your cook books, magazines, advertisements, and restaurant menus!

At last count in 5 years, the team has assisted authors and publication houses with over 75 'white labelled' cookbooks, 450 Restaurant menus, 12 International magazines, 25 television and digital advertisements and 200 FMCG brands with some amazing food photographs across the globe.

Amongst the most noteworthy works in this space, Chef Varun Inamdar has styled UTSAV' - A culinary epic of Indian Festivals. It is touted as the most expensive cookbook by Bloomsbury USA in the world auctioned at USD 3 million.

Let the food smile please!!!

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